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Fluimac® research and development department is constantly looking for new ways to satisfy every customer requirement. Fluimac® range currently includes AODD pumps, pulsation dampers, peristaltic pumps, drum pumps, mixers, horizontal centrifugal pumps with mechanical seal, magnetic driven centrifugal pumps and vertical centrifugal pumps.


Yıldız Pompa manufactures internal eccentric gear pumps, magnetically driven gear pumps, modular gear pumps, helical gear pumps, vane pumps and lobe pumps for the transfer of viscous and semi-viscous liquids. Yıldız Pompa continues its claim with the capacity to produce all kinds of gear pumps that our industry needs with its experienced.


Water ring vacuum pump sucking gas or air process oc- curs with help of a rotating ring of water. The shaft which on is fan is disposed in the partially filled water cylindri- cal body eccentrically. Slotted discs called stage plates located between body rollers involves in regulating intake and outlet openings.

Pilar Gading

Pilar Gading adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang perdagangan pompa untuk industri / pompa proses. Kami jual pompa industri berkualitas (industrial pump) seperti chemical pump, water pump, gear pump, lobe pump, metering pump, air operated diaphragm pump, magnetic drive pump, progressive cavity pump dan vacuum pump

Kami menjual pompa industri / pompa proses berkualitas dengan merk antara lain Fluimac, Yildiz, dan Omac

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PT Pilar Gading

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