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Rotary Lobe Pumps, are driven by Timing Gears. Rotor lobes, which are located on two parallel shafts in a stainless steel casing, are prevented from physical contact with each other and/or with inner surface of casing by timing gears. Rotational motion received from driver’s shaft are transferred in the opposite direction to pump’s driven timing gear by driving timing gear.

Rotary Lobe Pumps are reliable thanks to its hygiene design, capable of pumping without damaging liquid’s structure, and depending on liquid’s viscosity, Rotary Lobe Pumps have the ability of generating pressure up to 12 Bar.

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Q : 0,100 – 400 m³/h
Hm : 1 ~ 10 Bar
T : 0 ~ 150 ºC
n : 20 – 1200 rpm
Visc. : 100 ~ 250.000 SSU


  • Food Industry (Chocolate, Sugar Syrup, Cream, Molasses…)
  • Chemical Industry (Drugs, Detergents, Soap, Cosmetic creams…)
  • Paint Industry
  • Pulp & Paper Industry
  • Gels, Greases…


  • Pump Body and Cover : Cast Steel, stainless AISI 316 cast.
  • Lobe Casing ve lobes : Steel cast, stainless AISI 304 / 316 cast.
  • Bearings: Bearing.
  • Sealing : Mechanical seal, lip seal.




Colored area in the picture on the side presents liquid while entering suction port, due to vacuum created by rotation of lobes; which are rotated by timing gears. Arrows in black indicates forward advancing of the liquid and rotation direction of the pump.


Picture here presents liquid filling inner chamber of the pump and just before reaching to discharge port. Here we can also see how a closed area is formed between rotor/lobe and casing.


In this picture, we can see how inner chamber of pump is completely filled, how liquid have reached outlet port and now overflowing outside the pump. As a final step, liquid is forced under pressure to outlet port by power generated by rotation of lobes/rotors.


Lobe pumps rotate clockwise when observed from coupling side. This direction is demonstrated with an arrow label placed on pump. By running for a very short period, pump rotation direction should be checked for following direction of the arrow.

Lobe pumps can be operated in revert direction. In case of having bypass, direction of bypass should be reverted as well if the pump to operate in revert direction.

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